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    Globalization has positioned Indonesia in a dilemma. On one hand, globalization has created chances and challenges for Indonesia to develop stronger relationship with the international society. This process stimulates the effort of competition of Indonesia among other nations in life's activities. On the other hand, globalization has also added great pressures and burdens for Indonesia to adapt with the new demands of international society such as human rights problem solving, environment and other problems.

    The whole problem has to be faced and solved by Indonesia. Every failure and inconsideration to responsed and handle this problem pases a serious risk for the existence and totality of Indonesia. The scope and dimension of those problems are quite complex and veried, so they need systematic response and care, and also integral-comprehensive well-planned solutions. One of the efforts to responsed to the changes and solve the problem is studying the national defense problem with its connections intellectually and objectively.

    Recently, Indonesia has faced drastic changes in many fields. New problems have emerged in Indonesia from these changes. Vertical and horizontal conflict in many areas in Indonesia is proof of the dramatic changes. This problem can cause disintegration.

    Therefore the reform spirit has to be obtained and implemented to see, to position and to respond the national defence problems shown in this era of reform and globalization. This national defence program is a response to this urgently needed solution.


    National Defense Program Outcome:

    1. To produce academic persona who have the ability to study the strategic development of this country's problems
    2. Master degrees in the national/ regional planning, and strategic national/ local problem solving with integral-comprehensive approaches, such as expert analysis on strategy and policys, conflict resolution and management, who support public office competency (either at the parliament or at the government office)
    3. To produce lecturers at the diploma and undergraduate level of civil society courses, and other courses connected with this field.


    The classes are held at the UGM Inter-University Centre building and at the UGM Graduate Program Building.


    First Semester

    1. Indonesian Political and Regional Autonomy
    2. Ideological Politics
    3. National Defense Theory
    4. Ethnicity, National Integration
    5. Indonesian Archipelago Discourse
    6. Political and Economic Development
    7. System Analysis

    Second Semester

    1. National Security
    2. Human Resources
    3. Geopolitical Natural Resources
    4. Social Change and Land Problems
    5. Insurgence and Revolution Theory
    6. Social Research Methods

    Third Semester

    Strategic Theory


    Fourth Semester


    Tuition Fee

    Tuition fee for this program is managed and confirmed by the UGM Graduate Program. The tuition fee for each semester must be paid the student or the sponsor.

    The students fullfilling the condition may be given a scholarchip from the Education Ministry BPPS (especially permanent lecturers at public universities)

    Applicants from the National Army (Airforce, Navy, and Army) may receive scholarships from the National Defense Ministry if his/her minimum position is a captain. The scholarships also will be given to government employment who works at national army institution if his/her minimum position is IIIC / Young Lector (Lektor Muda).

    Registration Procedure and Conditions

    This program will accept any undergraduate from any discipline. The appplication should be written by completing the available registration form.

    This form will be available after payment of the registration fee for Rp. 500.000,- (TPA and TOEFL test included). The application letter intended for the UGM Graduate Program Director be enclosed with (double for each document):

    1. A legal copy of the Undergraduate Certificate
    2. A legal copy of academic transcript
    3. Recommendation Letter (could be in essay form) from anybody who knows the applicant's academic ability.
    4. Study objectives of the applicant for joining the program, the content should be about reasons, hopes and plan of study at this program.
    5. Institution permission letter. (if working in an institution)
    6. Statement letter to pay the tuition fee from the institution or privately.
    7. Copy of Academic Ability Test from OTO Bappenas by score of 500.
    8. Copy of International TOEFL/ from PPB UGM with minimum score 450.
    9. A stamped envelope with the name and address of the applicant written on it.
    10. Proof on payment of the registration fee for Rp. 500.000,- (TPA and TOEFL test included).
    11. Medical proof letter from a certified doctor.

    Program Studi Ketahanan Nasional
    Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM, Jl. Teknika Utara Barek, Yogyakarta 55281
    Tlp. (0274) 902280, 543771, 564239
    Fax. (0274) 564239, 543771