Layanan dan Fasilitas

  1. Representative buildings. This building is known as Gedung Lengkung because of its curved shape.
  2. Air-conditioned class rooms with LCDs and internet networks.
  3. The seminar room is air conditioned and equipped with LCD, with a large capacity of 225 people.
  4. Outdoor spaces are comfortable for group study.
  5. Faculty Library.
  6. English Corner Program, a program intended for students to improve English communication skill.
  7. Language Training Center, as a place where students can improve their English skills, TOEFL-Like Test, Institutional TOEFL Test or International TOEFL Test.
  8. WI-FI Area as a free internet facility.
  9. Computer laboratory.
  10. Student organizations known as Himpunan Mahasiswa Pascasarjana or HMP (Postgraduate Student Association), and other organizations such as HIMMPAS, International Language Center, Student Cooperatives and others.
  11. Dr. Sardjito Central Hospital.
  12. Prof. Soedomo Dental and Mouth Hospital.
  13. BNI Bank, Mandiri Bank, Post Offices.
  14. University Publishing Center.
  15. Easy acces to urban public transportation.
  16. Musholla At-Taqwa or known as floating musholla (musala apung).
  17. Campus canteen with various menus and affordable prices.
  18. Shady and spacious parking.
  19. GS Book Store for students.